July News 2016

Pre-School Graduation

For those children leaving us at the end of term 21st July we will be holding a graduation ceremony on August 6th 2016 from 10.30-11.30am. (Please note this all depends on how many families will be attending)

This will be a chance for the children to receive their graduation certificate and their learning journey folders. It will also be an opportunity for parents to exchange details between each other if you wish to remain in contact with your child’s nursery friends.

If you will be unable to make this date then please let your child’s key worker know so that we can arrange for their learning journey to go home prior to this date. Invitations to this will go out before the end of term please ensure you let us know if you will be attending.


Staff News

Louise Garrett who has worked at the Nursery since January 2015 is leaving us at the end of term 21st July. Louise has achieved her level two whilst working with us and has been an extremely valued member of our team always putting 100% into her work with the children. Louise is very sad to be leaving but has found a position in a school local to her house and will get to spend more time with her two young children. We would like to wish Louise the best of luck and thank her for her continued commitment and passion she has shown to Monkey Puzzle!
Krystina Hunt will be taking over the role as 2-3’s room leader, Krystina was managing our baby room but due to the babies increased mobility and development and that they are all nearing their first birthdays they will now be cared for in the 1-2’s room with Amy and her team. Krystina will officially take over the lead of the 2-3’s room from 18th July.

Wasima Keshtmand has settled into her role as Pre-School Nursery Assistant. Wasima has worked in many schools and is enjoying the change and excitement of being in a Nursery. Wasima is working full time here at Monkey Puzzle.

Sara Port joins us as bank staff – bank staff cover sickness, annual leave and lunch cover. Sara is unqualified and is therefore always supervised by a qualified staff member.

Mandy’s Maternity Leave

storkAs you are all aware I am expecting my second baby due on 7th September. I am also moving house at the end of July. I have a week’s annual leave from 25th -29th July and a few days 1st-3rd August to sort the new house! I am then taking some Maternity Leave and I am sure many of you know how reluctant I am to leave the Nursery even if it is just for a few weeks!
I will be leaving from August 19th and returning on 3rd October.

In my absence Sharn is here as well as Eve who will both be overseeing the Nursery. I will no doubt be popping in when I can and will still be actively involved in the Nursery from home.

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