May News

Garden Refurbishment

Our garden refurbishment is now complete!

We have further enhanced our areas of learning with new activities in our new fantastic space. If you haven’t yet been outside to have a look please ask a member of staff and they will take you outside!

Staff Update

We have had an exciting restructure of staff in our nursery to accommodate the growing number of children.
The staff team now looks like this:

Hayley (Room Leader – full time 5 days per week)
Leanne (Nursery Assistant – full time 5 days per week)

Fray (Room Leader starts on 22nd May – full time 4 long days)
Kellie (Nursery Assistant – Part time Tues-Thurs)
Wasima (Nursery Assistant – full time 4 long days)
Chelsey (Nursery Assistant – full time 5 days per week)
Amy (Nursery Assistant – Part time 9.30-3 term time only)

Dannielle (Room Leader – full time 4 long days)
Lucy (Nursery Assistant – Part time – 8-11am and 1.30-4pm term time only)
Gemma (Nursery Assistant – Part time 1-5pm)

Eve (Room Leader and Assistant Deputy – full time 4 long days)
Marie (Nursery Assistant – full time 5 days per week)

Bank Staff
Marisa (Part time 9.30-3pm term time only)
Ryan (Part time Thursday and Friday various hours)

Nursery Cook
Debby (Full time – 5 days)

We are currently recruiting for full time level two and three staff members and will update you once we have offered positions.

Online Learning Journals

As you know we are making the move to online learning journals and we will be live by the end of June!
If you have not yet sent your child’s photo permission letter back please ask your child’s key worker for a form. It is essential we have these forms back ASAP please!

Dates to Remember

For term time only children the next half term is May 29th for one week. Please remember that we have inset day on 5th September. Nursery is closed on this day.

Messages from Rooms

Babies and 1-2’s
To all our new children please can you email family photos so that we can make the children’s family books.

If your child is potty training please ensure to bring lots of spare clothes to Nursery.

School places have been confirmed please ensure you let Eve know which school your child will be going to!

Be prepared for all weather!

Please can all children bring sun hats and rain coats to Nursery as the weather has been a bit of both lately! We provide Nivea factor 50 sun cream however if you prefer your child to use a different one then this must be labelled and in nursery each day.

Name our Rooms

We need your help! We want to come up with names for each of our rooms so we are asking parents to suggest ideas. Please take a slip in reception and once completed please place it in our VOTE box.

Mud Kitchen Collection

mud2-v1If you have any old utensils, pots or pans, cutlery or anything that we can use for our Mud Kitchen we would be very grateful for any donations!

Buggies and Scooters

When you drop your children to Nursery please do not bring your buggy/scooters inside they are becoming a serious fire hazard please drop your buggy/scooters to the buggy park and then bring your child in. Please do the same on collection – collect your child first and then go to collect the buggy.

Facebook and Reviews

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